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This is probably a stupid question for most of you all, but my research seems to go back and forth between models which are produced in Mexico and ones produced in Germany.

I am looking to purchase a 2011 Golf TDI - is it made in Germany or Mexico? Where is the new style 2011 Jettas produced too?

Are the models produced in Germany of higher quality than the ones produced in Mexico?

thanks in advance

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All Jetta sedans and Jetta (Golf) wagons since 2005.5 have been assembled in Mexico.

All Golf hatcbacks since 2006 have been assembled in Germany.

Their parts come from all over the world so I don't think there is a statistical difference in build quality. They're all built using the same methods and QC standards.

Earlier generation ones may have come from Brazil or Germany.

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Welcome to the forum Mike. welcometomyturbodies

Well its one of those funny things assumption? If a car is designed by Germans and alot are made in Germany then you would assume the German made ones should be the best quality.

The only way you can tell where a VW was made is look at the 1st character in the VIN number.

1 - Manufacturing Country

1 - USA
2 - Canada
3 - Mexico
4 - USA
9 - Brazil
J - Japan
K - Korea
S - England
W - Germany
Z - Italy

If you want to know the assembly plant look at the 11th character.

11 - Assembly Plant

W - Wolfsburg, Germany
A - Ngolstadt, Germany
B - Brussels, Belgium
C - Taipei, Taiwan
D - Bratislava, Slovakia
E - Emden, Germany
G - Steyr/Graz, Austria
H - Hannover, Germany
J - Jakarta, Indonesia
K - Karmann, Osnabruck Germany
M - Puebla, Mexico
N - Neckarsulm, Germany
P - Mosel, Germany
R - Martorell, Barcelona, Spain
S - Stuttgart, Germany
T - Kvasiny, Czech Republic
U - Uitenhage, South Africa
V - Palmela, Portugal (previously Westmoreland, USA)
X - Poznan, Poland
Y - Pamplona, Spain (SEAT)
1 - Gyor, Hungary
2 - Changchun, China
4 - Curitiba, Brazil

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what about Audi

what about the manufacturing and assembly for say for an A3 and A4 Audi - same as VW's?

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Audi A3 and A4 are assembled in Ingolstadt, Germany.

A6, A8, and R8 are built in Neckarsulm, Germany.

The VW Touareg and Audi Q7 are asembled in Bratislava, Slovakia. The Porsche Cayenne are also partially assembled there but the final touches are put on in Germany.
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