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I'm thinking of buying a Gentex rearview mirror to replace the stock one on my 2010 Jetta Sportwagen TDI. It is self dimming and includes Homelink. So far I've found only one local shop that can install them.

Does anybody on the board have experience with this product? Does it work as advertised on your VW?
I am in the process of doing exactly what you are thinking of doing. (I returned the 50-GENK40A and am waiting on the cheaper 50-GENK41A, both include Homelink.)

You will need an adapter to make it fit the existing VW "button" (i.e. window mount) as the slot is too large. I would recommend you don't do what the guy in the link above did, and heat it up and replace it. Just buy a small metal insert adapter to make it fit the existing one.

A guy on VWVortex detailed how he ran his wiring (scroll a little more than halfway down the page) across the headliner and down the "A" panel to the fuse box, but I think I am going to tackle the overhead compartment for power because I have the panoramic sunroof.

I'll post my experience once I have attempted to do this, which should be soon. :thumbsup
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