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Hey, great site. I found the gearing and tire calculator and would llike to know the difference between using larger tires vs. the 5th gear swap to lower rpm. I know that the 5th gear will only change 5th gear but how is rpm affected when using larger tires? Your calculator doesn't have a slot for that.

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Here is what you want:

gear - ratio
1 -----3.777
2 -----2.117
3 -----1.360
4 -----0.971
5 -----0.755

final drive - 3.157

This is for a 02a CTN 5 speed transmission for the 1Z AHU engines. I didn't put it up because 5th gear is the most relevant to a 5th gear swap. You will also want to change the speed input field to see what engine rpm the engine will be at. Here is the link to the tire, wheel, gearing, and engine rpm calculator - http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/tirewheelCalc.htm
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