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Galaxy Loss of power problems

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Hi everyone,
It's nice to be here, I've just joined the forum although I've looked at it many times previously. It seems to me there are some cracking articles on this site, more in depth than on other sites. Firstly I would like to apologise for having a different badge on my car, but it is a VW underneath, and I have owned a Passat TDI previously.
I own a Ford Galaxy 1.9TDI 110BHP 2001 manual gearbox model and at present am having problems with a loss of power. The engine starts fine, it revs fine when your not in gear, the problem comes when I try to accelerate - there is just no power and it feels as if it is holding back. If I don't put my foot down I can progress but any incline or acceleration and there's no response. On the passat I used to have I had a similar holding back although that was intermittent and it turned out to be the MAF sensor, so the first thing I have done is replaced the MAF sensor on my Galaxy but it hasn't cured my problem.
Incidentally the cheapest place I found on the web to get my MAF sensor, and it is a genuine Bosch was www.autotekelectronics.com It was only £51.75 including VAT and delivery and arrived the next day by courier. I seem to be running out of space so I'll continue in the next box. I'm new to this.
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Continuatin of Galaxy losing power by Steve C

Hi, sorry about that interruption. I've now had a codes check and it shows bosch reading 462D Boost Pressure Control above control limit. I think this is same as VW code 17965. I have tried to research but there seems to be so many things that can cause this. Where should I start? I have located the Turbo and the "Vacuum Thingy" that's on it does not seem to have much travel when I try to move it with my fingers. The one at the top of the engine seems to have much more. Could this be part of the problem or am I barking up the wrong tree. If so do I have to remove the Turbo and if so can I reuse the gasket or do I have to replace? I also understand I should check the vacuum hoses for leaks but am not sure how. I have also discovered a slight oil leak at the bottom of the oil cooler. Could this be part of the problem, or as long as I don't let the engine oil level get too low is this irrelevant?
I do hope someone can advise or point me to a good procedure on the web.
Thanks Steve C
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Hi Keith, Thanks for your reply. Last night I was under car and got someone to rev it while I kooked at vane actuator on turbo. It does have full movement so Im guessing vanes not all clogged up. Also because operated on its own and then went back to rest position when engine turned off, does that mean vacuum pipes likely to be OK? I'll have to check how to test wastegate and boost pressure sensor. Thanks for now. Steve C
Hi everyone,
Just to let you know my loss of power is now sorted. Turned out to be the "Turbocharger boost pressure sensor" was faulty. Replaced it and everything now back to normal. Thankyou KeithUK and chittychittybangbang for all your help and the helpful info you directed me to. Im now one happy forum member, Thanks Steve C.
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