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I bought a new key at VW, and they sold me a valet key, even though I asked for one that did everything except doesn't have a remote, they wouldn't correct the mistake.
The valet key won't open the trunk or glove box.
The only difference is the ridge down either of the edge of the main key that doesn't exist on the valet, there are stoppers in the lock that will stop the valet if the ridge isn't there, any locksmith should be able to add the ridge.
Compare the two keys you'll see what I mean.

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Welcome to the forum pavel.

I'm not sure what a valet key is but I'm assuming is just a standard key without the remote built in. I asked the dealer if VW do just a metal key with no remote, no. I've always carried a spare car key just in case I loose the main one for what ever reason. Now the standard key is quite big to carry in your pocket along with a spare.

With my GTD you can flirt the plastic cap of the door handle and insert a key in the lock to open the door thats all I want, I could hide the spare key in the car somewhere. I enquired at a locksmiths and they can get blanks £15 and have it cut to my key but the physical size is the same as a standard one so again its no advantage. A new key is about £200. ;)
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