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Funny tap tap noise?

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Well it's not really that funny as it's annoying me.
When coming to a stop and gently braking i can hear a tap noise (not a dripping tap) as if there's some slack somewhere. Also when pulling away from dead stop and releasing the clutch i hear the same tap noise.
Just wondering if anyone can give some idea what it is?
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No stones in tyre or other debris. Only use the tap shoes on sunday afternoon lol!
Having googled the issue it seems to be worn bushes, loose susspension bolts/nuts or even a worn cv joint.
It's booked in on wednesday for a check over.
Thanks for replys even yours Hazady lol!
My problem is now fixed! Just a few slightly loose nuts on my lower engine strut brace.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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