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Fuel leak

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I have replaced the main seals, one round and the two rectangular from my fuel tank and I think I did all the rest as it was in the video. I primed the pump and I turned the motor by hand to test that everything is o.k. Then I heard a squeaky sound from the pump. In the video they were saying to pay attention about a little shim not to fall but I didn't hear anything falling. Then I went to start the engine but it sounds like the starter is stuck. Maybe it doesn't turn that easy. Then I put my charger to start mode but still the same. I didn't hear anything when I was installing the large seal, like something falling or any other sound. Any idea how can I test this problem? And if I need to start all over removing the pump completely is any links to show me how.
Thank you very much.
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If it's not assembled correctly, it can cause damage. You could try removing the QA and looking down into the pump body. http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/a4/IP-removal-TDI-engine.htm Here is how to remove the pump.
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