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Fuel injection deviation

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My car is throwing code 17656. Fuel injection deviation. Anybody have any ideas on where to start on this. Car is 2003 tdi. Any help woud be great.
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Are you using a VCDS or generic code scanner?
vcds is being used. Spilled pop on laptop and fried it. So now waiting to borrow another one till I get a new one.. In the meantime I have checked the ohm to injector #3 and it read 130. Is this in range? Fuel injection timing was off on the graph horizontally. Fuel temp sensor may be able to cause this?
When you check timing the car should be fully warmed up. When it's off the chart vertically it means the timing is off. If the car is warmed up and the timing is off the graph then check fuel temp.

VCDS should have label files that tell you a range. You still have to interpret the numbers somewhat. On a cold car, fuel temp should be ambient. On a warm car, fuel temp could be 60oC. Not sure what the needle lift sensor should ohm out at.
Mechanical timing is on. Ip pump timing will still not come into range on vacom. Ip is going to be replaced with an 11mm pump of a auto that I have. Is there any problem with this or bennefits?
You should adjust the injection quantity afterwards http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q_how_to/multi/IQadjusthammermod.htm but it should be plug-play. The main benefit is that it can support higher power levels. You could also run larger fuel injectors with less smoke, assuming that there's enough air to burn.
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