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Hi guys,

just thought i would share a bleeding procedure for the fuel filter, simple and effective.

After installing the fuel filter leave the rubber line going to the injector pump disconnected, all other lines connected. Turn the key to the on position and then off, without turning over engine, this will cycle the fuel pump and push fuel through the lines, you may have to turn key on and off between 5-10 times until the fuel pump is full. You may also add diesel into the fuel filter to minimize the amount of times you cycle the fuel pump with the key on and off.
Once you see fuel coming out of the line, bleeding is complete. Connect the line to the fuel filter and you are done.

You may now turn your key to the on position (DO NOT CRANK YET) and off position a couple of times. Once you complete this, you may now crank her over with no delay in starting.
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