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After a fuel injection pump repair (AFN engine?), I don't get power on the fuel shutoff solenoid.
What happens during start:
  • Power on: preglow lamp is on, no strange warning, voltage 12V on the glow plugs
  • Power on / cranking: only 400mV on the fuel shutoff solenoid
  • Jumper wire on the solenoid: Engine will start and run on very high RPM.
  • No RPM shown on tachometer
  • Take the jumper wire off: engine will stall
  • (controlling rpm by intermittent jumper wire on/off for about 5 sec)
  • After that engine will idle WITHOUT jumper wire.
  • Throttle does not respond
  • Engine will continue running on idle (tried only for 30 sec)
  • Engine will stop when switching ignition key off
    (why is it an ignition key, when a diesel self-igniting:p?)
Bought probably the correct ECU/fuel relay, but where is it located?
  • In the drivers side engine compartment we have 370, 373, 219
  • Behind the drives side fuses in the dash we have 202, 204, 213, 267, 603
Any help is greatly appreciated. Working outside in Finnish winter with health issues. From the first waterleak to today is a month. Want to get this "On the road again :cool:"

Kees Visser
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