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Fuel Door Stuck

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I stopped by the gas station to fill my new JSW for only the second time and the fuel door won't open. I live in Vermont and am worried that the door has frozen shut. Any ideas?
Baffled and in need of gas soon.
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I hope you mean diesel :)

Because of the snow storm it's possible it's frozen. Slowly pour windshield washing fluid around the edge. Use a hair dryer to melt the area around the edges. Or use lock deicing fluid, it used to be common before almost every car came with key fob to unlock.

I believe that if you have a 2010 the fuel door needs to be pushed in to open it. The 2009 uses a button solenoid.
Don't pull on it because it will break/bend something. The same thing goes for door handles, I had one break off in my hand once. The trick is to go in through the trunk or other door.
Jetta TDi SW 2009-Fuel door stuck

I am also not able to open the fuel door. I have tried multiple times to unlock car from fob or from inside lock button, with or without pressure on the door. Any suggestions would be appreciated-help me to not go to dealer. ( I joined the forum because of this problem!) Thanks-John
The 2010+ have the press down on the door release. Your 2009 should have the button. Is there a manual open pull somewhere in the trunk area? Not sure since I don't have a sportwagen. chekc your owner's manual
I'm pretty convinced there is a bowden cable in case of such a situation.

It will be located behind the trim in the boot/trunk of the car obviously directly behind the filler flap.

And if your solenoid has gone you would have to go there anyway...lol


Welcome to the forum.

I stopped by the gas station to fill my new JSW
Please add your model and year, you may as well add Vermont?
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