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Fuel door, Rear seatbelt, annoying rattle, etc..

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I am the new owner of a 1999.5 Jetta TDI, and I have discovered a few problems. I was hoping some members here may be able to give me some pointers, on where to look.
The first issue is the fuel filler door will not unlock with the button on the driver's door. I was surprised to find that there was no manual cable to release it in the event of a failure. I have managed to get to the actuator and verified that IF you get 12 volts to it, it does work. So, my question would be, what area would be the best place to look, as to why there is no power reaching the actuator?
Second, today I folded the rear seat back forward to sweep out the trunk, and when I tried to put it back up, the center seat belt would not allow it to set back up, without tension on the belt, and the belt will no longer come out of the seat. It acts as if it is locked, and I saw no way to get to the retractor. It appeared it was inside the seat, and I did not see how to get the seatback open to even try and release it. I also did not even see how to loosen, or unbolt the other end to release the tension on the seatbelt.
The last issue, is one of an annoying rattle in the center of the dash. It is coming from the area around the center vents. At first I thought that it was the cup holder, but that is NOT it, and it is surely coming from above there. The noise is most definitely coming from the vent area. Can anyone tell me how that vent and switch area is removed from the dash? Does it just fit in with clips and simply compression fit? And willit easily pry out, or is threre something that I need to know, so as not to break anything trying to get that out?
New user here, so I am not sure IF I have posted this correctly. If I have managed to do some thing wrong, maybe someone will give me some pointers on how to do this correctly?
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The vents just pull out. Use a plastic pry tool to separate the edges. VW sells a tool to pull them out from the grille but you don't need it.

Maybe the door lock issue is a broken wire in the door boot? They tended to wear down. Peel back the door boot and check the wiring there.
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