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FS: RCD-510 + 9W2 bluetooth parts

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This unit is brand-new, out of a 2010 Golf TDI purchased in this Feb. 27. I just bought an RNS-510 on ebay, so I should have the RCD-510 out in the next week. It also has a clarivue screen protector. I'll sell it for $500.

Also, I upgraded to 9W3 bluetooth (from seller on ebay), so I have some extra parts. These are all brand-new:

1K8 035 730 D - Bluetooth interface from 2010 Golf
3B0 035 711 B - Microphone from www*carsystems*pl
Piggyback Wiring Harness also from www*carsystems*pl

You can see pictures for the last two items on the ebay auction:

I'm not sure what these should be worth, but definitely less than what I paid for 9W3, so maybe $200? If anybody's interested, feel free to make an offer.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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