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This isnt a PD150 intake its a BC style

If you look at it you will notice that it has a shortneck on it .I believe this is the same guy from TDIclub and he sold me a similar intake for about the same money .Wouldnt take my emails ect .He burned a lot of people on the other forum.Be very carefull if you buy overseas you have no recourse.He sent me a
BC intake and racepipe after he told me that it was an AF intake. Also you will end up cleaning them yourself as these pics arent the way you receive them.

It's possible that this person is registered with a different user name at another forum. Samadhi signed up before giving your location was required info. He/she is located in Bulgaria.
CERBER was that guys handle me thinks this is the same fella
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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