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My beloved 1998 VW TDI Sedan was destroyed in a recent rear-end accident, therefore I no longer have need of the following new (except for the Bentley manual) parts:

PBR Brake Shoes (1512-S744/43053-SOX-000; set of 4, rear; qty. 1)
Mahle OC249 Oil Filter (068115561E; qty. 2)
Diesel Fuel Filter (NAPA 3619; qty. 1)
Mann Air Filter (C27 154/1; qty. 1)
Diesel Injection Pump Gasket (028130717A; qty. 1)
Intake Manifold Gasket (Intake to Cylinder Head, 028129717D; set of 2; qty. 1)
Bentley Technical Manual: VW Jetta, Golf, GTI, Cabrio; 1993 - early 1999 (Bentley No. VG99) - used, intact & readable.

I'd like to part with them all as a bundle for $75, plus shipping (USPS flat rate).

Note: I no longer have the destroyed vehicle or block (just the parts - and they don't fit on my new TDI)
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