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2009 Jetta TDI – 51,000 Miles - $20,000
- Extended warranty out to 100,000 miles
- 6 Speed Manual Transmission
- Leather interior
- Premium Audio / 6 Disk in dash CD+MP3 player w/ Auxiliary Jack
- Sirius Satellite radio – no subscription
- Heated seats / Mirrors / Windshield washer nozzles
- Power driver’s seat
- Power Sunroof
- Rubber floor mats, trunk liner, lip spoiler

- 17’’ Goal Anthracite alloy wheels, wrapped in Kuhmo Ecsta LX Platinum’s. 60,000 mile warranty on these tires, they were installed 15k miles ago. Really good tires, I will be buying these again for my next car.

- Still has the original brakes, I had them checked out a few months back and the shop said they couldn’t charge me for new ones because I still had over half of the pad left.

- There are absolutely no mechanical problems. There are several non-mechanical issues that the extended warranty is going to cover; I have the mechanic scheduled already.

- I have been on several long road trips (Kansas to Rhode Island) and I was getting 52+ MPG. I had to stop to eat and use the bathroom more than I had to fill the tank. I drive 40’ish miles a day to and from work, a hilly drive, and I get 38 MPG regularly.

- Service records are on hand. I may have lost a receipt for a filter or something, but they are mostly here. Only had to do 2 oil changes away from the dealership so keeping track wasnt too hard.

30+ pictures are posted on webshots....


Thats my fiance's bug in the background, it is also a TDI. My next car will probably be another Jetta TDI, or Jetta Wagon TDI... Great cars.

Why am I selling it? When i bought it my household had 2 incomes... Since April 2009 there has been just one income. We are living paycheck to paycheck, ect ect ect... Walking a fine line and going $100-$200 into credit card debt every month. So i am going to let my baby go and down grade to something older, and cheaper... That way i can pay off my debt....
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