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Price Dropped for quicker sale!

Have you been diagnosed with range anxiety? Do gas prices keep you awake at night filled with feelings of dread? Do you ever worry people are staring at you for not blending in enough? This bad boy can change all of that. With 100 low revving fuel efficient horses and 177 pounds of earth moving torque under the hood this oil burner can get you from A to B without breaking a sweat.

It's got a dual clutch transmission. Because two is always better than one! How does it work? Who cares!? A sleek black paint job and beige leatherette interior that screams Knight Rider. Plus a sick aftermarket stereo so you can bluetooth your ASMR on the way to work

It gets 1000km to the tank on precious diesel fuel so you'll be able to drive to work and back for weeks before having to make awkward small talk at the gas station. Plus you can revel in the savings over gasoline and brag to your friends about how much money you save.

It's 13yrs old now but still running strong. It's been loved so it's got a few scratches but we all know looks aren't everything. It's got a new battery, fresh oil, fancy new door latch and a sweet set of new Italian rubber. It's perfect for a long commute, frequent drivers and new drivers.

Real talk: Car has 248,000kms. Full transparency car is a rebuild title, no mechanic would ever be able to tell, it was painstakingly rebuilt by the fabulous team at Boyd and only ever serviced by VW dealers/ specialists. Airbag light is on for a front-right sensor, could use new brakes soon and the alarm horn needs to be replaced. Rear suspension squeaks a bit but doesn't affect drivability (price reflects this). All four tires replaced a few months ago, only 10k kms on them. Has a new drivers door latch. This car has been loved but still has a ton of life to give. These engines can easily go to 400k or more with regular care.

Price is OBO, open to offers.
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