I am looking to sell my 2006 Jetta TDI. It was purchased in 2019 as a spare car while I did some large projects on my other car, but I liked it so much that I kept it a bit longer than planned and turned it into a mini project of its own to get it into OEM+ shape. I am the 3rd owner of the car. The first owner put ~200K miles on it as a traveling salesman, the second guy bought it and did a lot of major service on the engine, ended up not wanting to keep it, and I bought it at ~205K miles. The car currently has 237K miles.

It runs strong, gets good fuel economy (38-40MPG on the highway, 32-35MPG in commute / short trip traffic). There are no engine fault codes. The DSG shifts perfectly and has had its fluid changed at regular 35-40K intervals. There is a diagnostic code for an intermittent fault in one of the shaft speed sensors in the mechatronic unit, but it does not affect performance. The code has been there since I bought the car. The only service it will need at some point in the next year is new brakes as the pads are getting a little low. The wear indicator is not triggered yet.

The oil has been changed every 5-7K miles using LiquiMoly TopTech 4100 or Pentosin oil & MANN filters. Fuel filters were changed with new Hengst filters every other oil change.

The car is in great shape overall. There are the usual blemishes that many of these cars have: the soft-touch rubber coating on the interior door handles is a little patchy, the clear coat on the roof & hood needs a little love, and the clear coat on the OEM wheels needs refinishing. Other that that, the car has no body damage outside of door dings. The title is CLEAN: this is not a salvage-title car. There is no rust since it has been a CA car. I will provide a SMOG certificate once it looks like I have a deal worked out with someone; it passed just fine last time I needed to register the car.

Service that was done to the car at 200K:
  • Timing belt, water pump, & associated parts
  • New Colt camshaft & lifters (I personally removed the valve cover & inspected these...cam lobes were indeed new and had the proper chamfer visible, no wear on lifters)
  • Cleaned EGR
  • New Bilstein shocks

Service done by me, 205-210K:
  • Valve cover gasket
  • Air intake scoop parts replaced
  • New boost pipe o-rings
  • Fixed oil leak at the injector pump wire harness
  • Installed Bosch RCD-510 OEM head unit
  • Installed OEM 9W7 Bluetooth module + full OEM wire harness (including microphone integration into headliner / upper console)
  • Upgraded CAN gateway to revision -AM
  • Replaced OEM roof antenna
  • Upgraded to OEM Bi-Xenon headlights with full integration (hi-beam shutters wired into hi-line control module)
  • Osram Xenarc 66240 Nightbreaker Laser D2S bulbs
  • Replaced front fender liners
  • Replaced all 4 wheel bearings (F.A.G. bearings) + hardware
  • Adjusted 'Torsion Value' to factory spec in VCDS
  • Replaced both front axles with rebuilt units from Raxles Inc. (including all hardware)
  • Replaced brake soft-lines with SS braided ones from ECS Tuning
  • Replaced all 20 lug nuts
  • Replaced coolant expansion tank
  • Installed R32/GTI belly pan / splash shield under engine

Service done by me, 220-227K:
  • Replaced oil dipstick + tube with newest part number revisions (to prevent inaccurate readings)
  • Replaced all trim pieces around the center of the dashboard (radio, HVAC, upper defrost vents)
  • Replaced battery with OEM unit from VW dealer (Nov. 2020)
  • Replaced full wire harness in driver's side door
  • Replaced driver's door lock module w/ new OEM unit
  • Replaced V158 / driver's side HVAC temperature control flap motor
  • Replaced windshield washer fluid tank, pump & level sensor
  • Repaired fluid delivery hose for windshield washer supply
  • 4 x new tires: Continental ExtremeContact DWS06+ & 4 wheel alignment (227K)

Service done by me, ~235K:
  • Flushed DSG w/ 4.5L of Rowe DCGII fluid + filter + fluid pipe (sale includes IDParts 24mm filter socket)
  • Oil change w/ Pentosin Performance II 5W40 + MANN filter