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FS: 1998 Jetta TDI, Clean, 57,000 original miles, $7,000

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For Sale: 1998 Jetta TDI
Milage: 57,000
Color: Classic Green with Beige interior
Stock Alloy Wheels

I love this car, but I need something with all wheel drive so lets see what kind of interest is out there. I know there is no pictures right now, its dark and I WILL PUT THEM UP TOMMORROW. This car is 100% OEM except for a Kenwood Head Unit I put in a short while ago. The car runs and drives perfectly. The paint is very good for its age, a few blemishes here and there but I would say its 98% perfect. The car only has 57,000 miles which is extremely low for a Mk3 TDI. You would be hard pressed to find another in this condition. The interior is absolutly perfect. Classic Green exterior with beige interior. Never smoked in, no stains, cracks, perfect. The tires are fairly new, its inspected unitl April 2011. I have only had it serviced by a specialized TDI mechanic since I've owned it (2nd owner) The motor has only seen 5w 40 full synthetic for diesels. I have gone nearly 800 miles on one tank in this car. I would say driving around I get around 44 mpg or so. The only options on the car are the alloys, power locks, ac, and cruise control.

As I said pictures will be added ASAP
The car is located in Lancaster, PA
I am asking $7,000

PM or email [email protected]
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re: '98 Jetta 57,000 miles


Do you know the full history of this car? Any particular reason such a great car was driven so little?

Looking forward to the pictures!

Sorry for the delay school/work is getting crazy,

I've decided not to sell the car for the time-being. I got alot of attention over at vortex with this so its nice to know so many people are interested! I am the second owner of the car. It spent most of its life with an old man in upstate, NY. Somehow there is not body rust at all. Not sure how that happened. For a 12 year old car its in incredible shape. I may be refreshing the front suspension sometime soon just as general maintenence but the motor is perfect, no frayed hoses, awesome boost control, no codes, just great. I will post some pictures sometime this weekend, just for bragging rights/ sale in the future :D
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