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Hello folks. This would be the second auto forum I ever joined, the first being the lovely gang from Saab92x and after selling my beloved flat-4, I moved up into a used '12 JSW TDI. Kinda new to diesel, know enough about repair work to know what to hand over to professionals and where my knowledge stops...

I like tinkering but hate working, and get some pride out of keeping a high mileage vehicle going. We take good care of the Jetta, but as you all know, if you sneeze hard the VAG ECU will send an error code or something plastic breaks that I might need some help with.

We're at 108k miles now, heading into our third winter with the wagon, and I do have a VCDS tool. Not planning on big mods or anything; this one's the mileage car.

Glad to be here, hope I can contribute, hope you can help.
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