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The story:
On our trip from Vancouver Canada to San Diego the brakes locked just before Mt Shasta; waited for the brakes to cool down and drive it into town, now we are on a rental car. Due to to logistics (kids school and work) I cannot stay and have the car fixed so I can drive it back to Canada. I will be at the car on August 29 while traveling back home from San Diego.
If anyone interested, the car is free, my option right now is to tow and junk it, I feel bad as it is a nice car that someone can still make good use of it.

Car details:
2006 Jetta TDI, blue, 6 speed auto dsg transmission, leather, sun roof, no accidents
everything works well except the brakes that locked up and they released after cool down (it was a very hot day)
the transmission has a little jerk if you fast accelerate (I learned to start slow from the stop to avoid this; this has had been for a long time, no need to be addressed right away).
The engine is strong, a lot of torque, it has a new DMF. The car has a tow hitch we used for bike racks. Mileage is 155K miles.

Let me know if interested on the car or if you have any idea what to do with it (Mount Shasta is in between Medford and Redding).

Thank you.
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