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Forum Rules and Guidelines

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1. Please post in the correct forum. Don't be offended if it gets moved at some point.

2. This is a PG-13 work safe forum! Do not post not safe for work pictures. If you link to a site which is not work safe, note it as (NWS) or somewhat (S-NWS).

3. Spammers will get deleted and banned. There is low spam on this site because I have strong anti-spam measures. This includes commercial advertising in signatures. If you are having a problem using or registering for the site please use the contact us form at the bottom or post in the site comments/corrections subforum.

4. Classifieds are for diesel cars, diesel parts, or automotive related items which may be of interest to our members. You can list your non diesel car as long as it's not your first post and you are here to just sell that car.

5. You must have an email confirmed account to view the members only section. I get a number of activation emails bounced back as spam every day so please add myturbodiesel.com to your email safe list.

6. You must have at least 1 post to view the exclusive resources section. The exclusive resources section is for people with at least one post and access could take up to a maximum of 10 minutes after your first post until it's acknowledged and you gain access. Feel free to post an introduction to our friendly community or if you're having a problem or start a new thread describing what problem you're having and we can help you. This will also let you upload a custom forum avatar, the profile picture.

A good relationship between the community and individual is a give and receive. By joining and giving an introduction to the community, the individual can receive all the great resources here. I provide it all for free because my reward is you, the community members.

If you don't have anything else to say, just make a detailed introduction with where you're from, what car you have, or any requests like need local help or problems you're having.

DO NOT post a thread or reply that says "Hi, I'm just here to view the blocked threads, bye". Don't be rude, please post a detailed introduction or your account will be blocked for 24 hours for violating this rule. If you post the problem you need help with we can help you.

New members should make an introduction before asking for help with a problem. As we don't want members getting free help then we never see them again.
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