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Hello, As the title states I have a bunch of VAG, Hazet, and Snap-on tools for the BHW / BGW tools. In Germany we aren't allowed to drive anymore in the big cities with our old diesels. Hence, why I sold my car and am selling my tools. Most tools have only been used once and not even one time. I can ship everything internationally with DHL and I would honestly prefer to sell everything at once.

New and Used Hazet Engine Timing Tool Set 2588/19 $475 "In the photo with the case opened one Carrier bolt isn't there, I have 3 brand new ones to be included with the set no problem."
Hazet 2588/19 Engine timing tool AUDI, VW, SEAT, ŠKODA 4000896127771 | eBay

Brand New 3240 Seal Puller from Snap-on $125
3240, Puller - Camshaft Seal - VW Authorized Tools and Equipment

Brand New 3203 Seal Puller from Snap-on $110
3203, Puller - Crankshaft Seal - VW Authorized Tools and Equipment

Brand New Matra Pumpe Duse Injector Slide Hammer Puller T10055 $60
T10055, Puller - Unit Injector - VW Authorized Tools and Equipment

Brand New Snap-on Multiple Use Counterhold tool set T10172A $145 T10172A, Counterhold - Multiple Use - VW Authorized Tools and Equipment

Brand New Snap-on Camshaft Gear Counterhold Wrench T10051A $55

Brand New Snap-on Camshaft Sprocket Puller T10052 $48

Brand New Metalnerd "Crank Yank" Tool Made in USA with machined handle Made in Germany SOLD

Used Snap-on Oil Filler VW/Audi "Also works on BMW" Oil Filler ASTOFAUD1000 SOLD

Used Power Bleeder from Motive Products for all European Brake Master Cylinders $55


New Condor Werkzeug Water Pump Holding tool $30

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Sorry for the late reply! I really did not intend to drop you like that. I think all in the tool + shipping is a steep price, I had forgotten how heavy/expensive it to ship it. Again apologies.

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