I previously had a 2006 Jetta TDI with 240k miles, but I crashed and totaled it. I purchased this car 2019 CPO from a VW dealer in PA as my daily commuter right before covid hit. Since then my job has basically been remote so I don’t really need a high mpg car anymore. We also have 2 young kids so I’m looking to get into something with a little bit more space. My other vehicle is a 2006 Ram Cummins, in general I’m a much bigger fan of the simplicity of the pre-emissions diesels, but I’ve kept the Jetta due to the powertrain warranty and thinking I’d need to commute in the near future. If I didn’t crash my ’06 and didn’t have to consider car seats, I’d still be driving that car.

Anyway, this car has been very lightly used and very well cared for. Some light stone chips on the front fascia, but other than that the interior and exterior are in great shape. Mechanically everything is perfect, tires and brakes were new when I purchased and still have life left. My local dealer tells me the ‘dieselgate’ warranty is good until April 2024. As you see below, the dealer just recently replaced the EGR Filter and DPF so hopefully this car has another 70k miles before needing anything major like that.

I’d love to have this car go to another diesel enthusiast, I have it listed a few different places so I’ll try to respond to any questions efficiently. I’m not interested in shipping the car, but I’d be willing to tow it and deliver it on a car trailer within a few hours of Parsippany, NJ. It has heated front seats, sunroof, Fender Premium audio with Bluetooth and factory subwoofer.

Here is the full maintenance history since I bought the car:
Oct/Nov 2020 (42k miles) - CPO Purchase
9/2020 (50k miles) – Full 10k service, replaced rear glass under CPO warranty (VW dealer)
1/2022 (55k miles) – Oil/Filter service, replaced boost pressure sensor (VW dealer - warranty)
4/2022 (56k miles) – Replaced battery (VW dealer)
9/2022 (61k miles) – Replaced engine air filter and cabin air filters (owner)
11/2022 (63k miles) – Full 10k service, fuel filter replaced (VW dealer)
12/2022 (67k miles) – EGR filter, DPF, other minor emissions comp replaced (VW dealer – warranty)
2/2023 (68k miles) – Broken coil spring, replaced both front strut assemblies (3rd party garage)
3/2023 (69k miles) – Sticking parking brake, replaced rear passenger caliper