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short story:
- 245,000 miles
- 5 speed (converted from auto)
- engine seized

I don't have time or interest in fixing this major problem. I dealt with the 01m transmission, and thought I was done fixing this car. My loss is your opportunity.

- new, unused AC compressor
- newer alternator
- fresh clutch, new shifting cables from conversion to manual a couple years ago (20,000 miles or so)
- silver color, pretty clean body, no damage, some rust as shown on front fenders and forward rocker panels
- leather interior (some seam separation on right rear seat.)
- terrific seat heaters
- killer heater, too
- Monsoon sound system; about the best I've ever had in a car.
- reasonably fresh OEM shocks
- solid brakes (new rotors, calipers a few years ago, are excellent)
- new-ish exhaust, including cat and all behind that
- two keys
- due to recent flat, one new tire, unused (as the spare), other tires are nearing end of life.

- engine seized while driving it; it was undergoing a weak runaway in third gear, then seized. No bad noises, no hole in the block, but crank won't budge. Have confirmed the cam moves and that it's not hydro-locked. Timing belt is fine.
- I replaced the AC compressor a year ago because the clutch failed on the old one, it was fall, so delayed filling it up again. I made an effort to keep it open for very brief period while connecting it. Should work fine if evacuated properly and filled.
- I installed a 100,000 mile timing belt kit quite a while ago. there's about 40,000 remaining on that.
- The hot/cold flap failed and is flopping loosely. I bought the no longer available necessary piece (3D printed), but it's not installed.
- except for the engine and the heater flap, it's a nice ride.

Price, hmm, I'll start at $1400. Where do you want to start? Located in Minnesota, near St Paul.

Pix are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UBnuvxZkwKx5WdHA8
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