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For Rent: ALH Timing Belt Tools (Metalnerd)

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I just bought a set of tools a few weeks ago to do my timing belt and have no use for them for a while. I will need them eventually, but might as well have them earn their spot in my tool box.

It is the complete ALH set form Metalnerd. The only thing is that the crank holding tool had a little mishap and had to be straighten somewhat, but it works for its intended purpose.

Because of this tool only being at 85% capability (based on looks), I will only charge $35 dollars plus shipping for a two week rental. I will require a $200 security deposit that will be refunded upon return.

I have a paypal account that will be given to you when we agree to the terms of the rental.

Send me a PM to get the ball rolling.

Disclamer: This is my first experience with renting tools in this Forum. I am open to any advice.
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Well I believe you have sold them now so you can't really rent them can you? Or is it someone else selling them for the same price? ;)

Unless they're using different email addresses and user names, it's someone else selling them at the same price.
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