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Hey folks,

My name's Lee. I recently bought my TDI a few months ago and have been loving it. To be honest, I would have never bought my Jetta if it wasn't for the Smyth Performance's G3F kit car, which requires an MK4 Jetta as a donor. But man, I'm so glad I did. I love driving my turbo diesel. The mileage is better than my wife's Civic Hybrid and the ride is really smooth for a compact car.

What's funny is that the more I drive my TDI, the less that I want to chop it in half for the kit. Almost, makes me want to find some other MK4 for the kit :)

In the mean time, I've been doing extensive research on everything Mk4 (especially TDI) and this site is one of my favorites. There is so much great information here.... I'm just eating it all up. Thanks guys.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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