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First TDI after many older VW diesels

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Thanks to this forum, I shopped with some good information for 3 months before buying my new-to-me 2005 Passat TDI (5.5) sedan. They were scarce in Maine, so found one in Florida and drove it home. It performed well. Had the timing belt & water pump changed in FL before leaving, but still feeling a little uncertain/worried, having bought from so far away and taking a calculated risk so I really want to get the engine details under control. The fewer surprises the better. Plan to change oil, despite the former owner's assertion that I didn't need to yet. Planning fuel filter asap. No check engine lights, runs like a dream, but think the former owner just let a few things go in the past year & knew that when I bought it. 105K miles. Just spent a fortune to have it inspected at a dealer I won't return to. Looking for a TDI service person in Maine. Running Stanadyne additive, and reading the forums faithfully. Have owned several Rabbits, Rabbit pickup, a Golf & a Jetta all pre-TDI diesels. Left the Jetta for a Camry, just retired @230K miles-that was a great car too. Thanks to the entire forum community for all of your help. Great to be back in my diesel!
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Try Herm, he's in Maine. His address is:


that's all one line, no spaces. It's written that way to avoid spam..
Thanks for your help, Chitty - I love this forum almost as much as I love my "rattletrap".
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