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The fact that you can only rev to 1200 rpm combined with the flooding suggests a bad accelerator pedal. Before you replace it, get the car scanned for codes to confirm. This is the sort of thing which definitely should throw the code.

I assume you used a wet/dry vacuum to suck out as much water as you can and then stick a dehumidifier in there with the windows closed. You need to get out as much moisture as you can or else the grounds inside the car can get corroded.

Water leaking is normally from the windshield drain area (check for leaves), sunroof drains at the corners of the sunroof (look for the FAQ article), or windshield gasket. The fact that the rear foor well is wet suggests a sunroof drain which is clogged and backing up into the interior. An inch of water is a bit much though.

The pedal could be a red herring so make sure to look over all the common causes of limp mode in your TDI to make sure it's not something simple, good luck!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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