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Finished: VW takes over Porsche

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Anyone see a Porsche TDI?

FRANKFURT, Germany — Volkswagen will make Porsche the 10th brand in its stable with a $5.8 billion acquisition of a 49.9 percent stake in the sports-carmaker. The deal was announced in August, was completed Tuesday, and will end in a complete merger by 2011.

The consummation of the merger is the final chapter in a saga that started when Porsche tried to buy Volkswagen — but was unable to raise the money amid a collapsing global auto market. It's also a larger-scale buyout than VW had been expected to make. Porsche had agreed in August to sell 42 percent of Porsche AG to Volkswagen in a $4.9 billion deal.

The 49 percent stake will be effective by year's end, with the full "integration" of the companies effective in 2011.

To finance the deal, The Wall Street Journal reported today, VW will ask shareholders for the go-ahead to issue some $15 billion in new preferred stock. VW will also reportedly put into motion a $6 billion capital increase in the first half of 2010. The Journal says these plans have "revived speculation" that VW has "set its eyes on further expansion."

Inside Line says: Big day for Volkswagen as the German drama reaches its dénouement. — Laura Sky Brown, Correspondent
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Maybe their SUV might get a TDI but there's no way their sports cars will get TDI. Maybe the VW version of the bluesport will get a TDI. Porsche is way too traditional to get a diesel sportscar. Even if they get a high power TDI it'll go into an Audi.
I was actually hoping for the reverse - a low priced Porsche in a VW trim. Maybe something like the bluesport or like a Porsche cayman but with a high powered 4 cylinder turbo engine.
IIRC, even though Porsche and VW have shared components and bodies in the past, all the recent ones have had unique engines. I think the 914 was a Porsche/VW but cars like the Touareg/Cayenne are different enough to be different cars and not just rebadging.

The last time they had fail. IMHO, Porsche's name is too valuable to get watered down by being too close to VW. A lot of people still don't know that Audi and VW are owned by VW so Porsche won't get too close because of brand equity.
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