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Here's my install. I couldn't take the factory setup any longer.

First thing I did was find out the wiring going from the Amp to the speakers. At the Amp Plug -

Left front Speakers -

Tweeter +White *Smaller gauge Wire
-White/black *Smaller gauge Wire
Door 1 +Brown/Dark Blue
-Red/Dark Blue
Door 2 +Brown/Red

Right front Speakers -

Tweeter +Red/Blue *Smaller gauge Wire
-Brown/Blue *Smaller gauge Wire
Door 1 +Green
Door 2 +Brown/Green

Left Rear Door Speakers -

- Brown/White

Right Rear Door Speaker


Subwoofer -

Voice Coil 1 - + White/Red
- Brown/Red
Voice Coil 2 - +Gray/Red

Next - I Checked to see the signals going to the speakers. I am looking to see if the speakers are electronically crossed over at the amp - Here's what I found


Rear Door

Front Door 1 and 2


You can see that the all the frequency crossover is taking place in the amp so you must have an amp that has a crossover built in as well as passively you must crossover the tweeters.

I went with the JL Audio HD900/5 amp it fits directly under the seat where the factory amp is located. It also has crossovers built in, so the only passive crossovers I used were for the tweeter. I removed the factory radio and ran power and ground and connected up. Be aware that the factory 8" sub is 2 ohms per voice coil when connecting up.

During Testing

Cleaned up


I also replaced the 8" sub. The factory speaker just couldn't handle the power. It is very shallow at only 2" on the nose. I found the most shallow speaker I could find. It is the HELIX Esprit E8W. I had to add a a 1/2" trim ring under the speaker to make up the difference from the stock speaker. Huge improvement over the factory.

To replace the radio I used the PAC Audio RP4-VW11 to get the steering wheel controls working and getting power to work properly from the CAN BUS.

A night and day difference in sound quality

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Cool set up....obviously you know what you are doing and it's certainly not your first time. Your findings will help out so many poor souls in this forum seeking for accurate info. I don't like my RNS-315 or the sound from the speakers but I can live with it. I remember back in the days when I used to rip the cars apart to install wires, amps, speakers, blah, blah, blah. Oh, what a pain in the tookus it was but fun for my young days. I'd love to install a new stereo in my 2013 Sportwagen but I don't have the patience, Don't want to butcher up a nearly new car, like the OEM reliability and integration, Not so impressed by the Tiguan Fender audio that I paid extra when bought my other car thinking of installing to keep it somewhat original. Certainly I wouldn't allow a monkey to cut , connect and remove panels on my car or violating it in any shape or form. I was a mercedes tech for years and I have seen the horrors from cheap butcher jobs.......

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I have a 13 JSW it has 3 speaker in the two front doors . 2 speakers in rear doors. It has a tiny amp under the passenger seat. No subwoofer. How would I add a powered sub to this car.
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