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fastest production street legal TDI?

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Who has it? How much power? By production I mean in the original body, not a race car.
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This guy does alligator tuning and has a blog with some performance specs. He has a 450 hp Golf TDI but it's obviously not street legal. On the front page he features a 13.6 1/4 mile car and he suggests it has 270 hp. I doubt that is street legal but it's full interior which I think means it's street driven.
The 13.6 white Beetle is a 100% daily driver. 20k miles a year.
It is actually driven as a commuter by his wife to and from work.

Car is from Fixum Haus in Portland, OR, TDIClub name "fixumrich" it is his personal car.
Dyno'ed at 288hp/360'lbs with nitrous, haven't had it in to dyno since the engine rebuild.
WOW! Nice power figures! And not too much smoke either.
The nitrous helps alot with the smoke.

LOL. My camera made it into the video towards the end of the run.

There is a small group of us including Rich that should be headed to the dyno again soon all of us should have more than 200whp on fuel only. I am currently working towards around 275whp on fuel only.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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