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Fans, fuses and frustration!

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Gentlemen ( and ladies)
I have the pleasure of owning a MK3 golf d (non turbo).
My rad fan won`t kick in when sat in traffic of once car is turned off and left after a run.
I tried the shorting out the radiator switch connector to no effect.
I have located the correct fuse (19) and discovered a 15amp (blown) fuse in the slot.
I replaced it with a 25amp fuse, which instantly caused the ignition to activate (no keys in the car) so the dash lights lit up, and the cabin heater fan kicked in (it was left on number 2).
I tried the radiator switch short trick, and the fans span up as expected.
Apart from my car being a crock, any suggestions as to what i should do next??
Buying a mk 4 is not what I had in mind.
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That sounds like fun. Have you considered entering it in a world's biggest lemon contest? So the fans work now?
The fact that the fan worked was never in dispute.
What I can`t get my head around is the fact that if you insert a fuse into the rad fan slot, the ignition comes on. How does that work??
I kind of guess trying to fault find vw electrics online is a bit like getting a haircut online?
I just wondered if any other lucky golf owner had had a similar experience.
My only guess is a wiring short somewhere. The cars are getting old so the wiring insulation may be getting brittle. At least the horn doesn't honk and the car catch on fire :dunno I recently saw an Audi a4 from the late 90s and the horn was honking for a half second every few seconds. Another driver pulled up along side to talk to them and I could see the Audi driver just shrugging.

Do you have the wiring diagram in bentley? VW tended to make a few small changes to wiring in the same generation but any info is better than none.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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