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I wouldn't. The car is under warranty for 3 years. Most of the bugs get worked out in that 3 years.

Sometimes major problems crop up after that but statistically, they aren't worth the money. Of course, if you do end up a statistic they are worth every penny....IF the warranty actually does cover the problem.

MOST extended warrantys are very carefully worded so that many claims are denied coverage. In other words, you pay thinking that you are covered when you aren't. They also have shady contract deals. I forget which company it is, but one of the extended warranty companies also owns a lot of dealerships in the south. Good luck getting a claim filled at one of their dealerships.


It's not online yet but this link sums up a secret shopper article at car and driver. The writer called a bunch of service contract companies and hilarity ensues. So no, I would not buy one. You're better off saving some money aside as an emergency fund - it can also take care of other household emergencies.
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