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Extended warranty?

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Just bought a new 2010 Jetta TDI Sportwagen. Declned the outrageously marked-up extended warranty at the dealer, but am considering an inexpensive one (i.e. a "Mechancial Breakdown policy") through my insurance company. Any opinions on whether, for a TDI, one is really worth it?
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I wouldn't. The car is under warranty for 3 years. Most of the bugs get worked out in that 3 years.

Sometimes major problems crop up after that but statistically, they aren't worth the money. Of course, if you do end up a statistic they are worth every penny....IF the warranty actually does cover the problem.

MOST extended warrantys are very carefully worded so that many claims are denied coverage. In other words, you pay thinking that you are covered when you aren't. They also have shady contract deals. I forget which company it is, but one of the extended warranty companies also owns a lot of dealerships in the south. Good luck getting a claim filled at one of their dealerships.


It's not online yet but this link sums up a secret shopper article at car and driver. The writer called a bunch of service contract companies and hilarity ensues. So no, I would not buy one. You're better off saving some money aside as an emergency fund - it can also take care of other household emergencies.
2nd, the service contracts are worded so that they will exclude most of the little stuff that breaks. Just google fidelis scam and see what pops up. The one you are describing sounds like the insurance company will give you a rental car. Carefully read the tiny print on what they do cover.
x3. To pass the time waiting for my JSW [g], I read the extended warranty brochure very carefully and compared it to our 130k-mile experience on my wife's Passat and to my years as a VW/Porsche/Audi tech. Fail.

The cheaper versions don't cover much and the deluxe versions still have some major exclusions or in essence get you to pay for repairs that may never be needed or if they are, you've bought them in advance.

In other forums I've seen these contracts defended as being "peace of mind." OK, that is worth something, but not if it's an illusion and not if as chitty notes, you can "buy it" cheaper by starting a savings account [g].

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