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excuse me sir, your pumping diesel.

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long time lurker

i drive a 2000 golf Gl TDI with a manual tranny and none of the bells or whistles

ive been a member of TDIclub for a couple years now, and ive used this site a few time in the past aswell.

just hoping to gain a little knowledge and here from other diesel owners

things have changed a tad from this picture, mostly toward stock, but i do with everything i own what i want from it
so its on coilovers with 400lb rear springs, and some performance modifications like nozzles and tuning.

also you may notice my discusting interior
it has been replaced with the interior of a 2002 GTI in black cloth

210,000 miles and still putting out
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dont know that is have any on this computer but ill throw some up here tmro when ive got some daylight to take some.
here in Florida its almost midnight
its just an aftermarket replacement thats been cut and molded a tad.
i dont particularly like it personally but OEM replacement is around $450 before paint.
the car had been in a front ender before i bought it that i didnt know about and thats when the aftermarket replacement was put on.
the chop job was my doing.
something im not proud of...
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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