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Euroswitch benefits

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I'm not exactly sure what the euroswitch does, it just lets you turn the parking lights on? Can't you just rewire the headlight switch? I noticed some cheap euroswitches on ebay, any reviews?
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The euroswitch gives you the option of front or rear foglights, if equipped.

It also does let you turn the parking lot on. I wouldn't buy the cheap euroswitches since I've heard that they are prone to failure. A quick search on ebay shows how it works:

  • - City Lights
  • - City Lights + Front Fogs
  • - City Lights + Front Fogs + Rear Fogs(if you have it)
  • - Main Beam Lights
  • - Main Beam Lights + Front Fogs
  • - Main Beam Lights + Front Fogs + Rear Fogs(if you have it)
  • You can also disable your Daytime Running lights with the switch we are selling!
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