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Hey all,

Doesn't affect those in the USA, as the MKV 170hp TDI engine wasn't released over there, but anyone from another country may be interested in following new of this widespread problem via a facebook page we have setup.

Basically oil is entering the injector pizeo stack either via the loom connection, or directly into the pizeo component, and the MKV Siemens system registers this as a short to ground and shuts the engine down immediately. Has made for many "interesting" situations for people around the globe whilst at speed on the Highway.

The Uk has had an action with their VOSA motor watchdog, and in the last 24 hours people have begun getting calls from Audi and Seat offering to reimburse expenses to date, and to replace all remaining affected injectors and looms. Lets hope it spreads to other countries.

There is a lot of speculation that this is the reason you guys in the USA didn't get the MKV PD170, as your government watchdogs have real teeth. Seems lucky for you all in hindsight, you have enough woes with the current HPFP.

For anyone interested, and we need all the "likes" we can get!

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