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Hello all,

I have just recently joined this forum and i'm hoping someone can help with a problem.

A little info:

2001 VW Jetta tdi
Automatic trans
128,000 mi.

I started using biodiesel in the car and i'm on my 5th tank. I didn't change the fuel filter until about the 3rd tank or so. (Which is odd because i thought i would need to change it after about 1/2 tank or so). I have recently been getting the p0740 code on my check engine light and the transmission was shifting oddly. It would take a while to shift from 3rd to 4th. And on the highway, intermittantly, it would seem like it wasn't going into overdrive. I took it to the dealer and after driving it a few miles, they informed me that the transmission was going bad and would need to be replaced($5,500.00) WOW.

I am not satisfied with their conclusion and i'm wondering if using biodiesel could cause anything else to make the car react in this way.

Thanks for any help.

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Welcome to the forum. welcometomyturbodies

EOBD II Error Code: P0740

Fault Location:
Torque converter clutch (TCC) solenoid - circuit malfunction

Possible Cause:
Torque converter clutch (TCC) solenoid.
Engine control module (ECM)/Powertrain control module (PCM)/Transmission control module (TCM).

As taken from my http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/f9/free-eobd-ii-error-codes-software-2919/
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