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1999 NB ALH TDI build date 9/98
Car started throwing CEL light once in a while and when it did the power would decrease until I turned off the car and restarted. SInce then when I start the car no check engine light for about one minute, then the check engine light appears. I have replaced the vacuum line including the line going to the vacuum booster(which had a hole) verified the EGR and Anti shuttler valve functioned, by visual observation while idle and shut down. I have checked the continuity of the wires going to the N239 valve and it was good, only one had continuity, but the voltage was only 6.5v. I checked the wires from the valve to where they enter the large wire bundle behind the airbox. From what I have read I need to check the ground at the ECM or ECU and the N239 voltage at the pin. The pin for the N239 is T121/81 it is Violet/gray in color, but I don't know the pinout for my ECU. If it is in Bentleys please tell me where. And the best I can figure the ground is T121/86 brown/yellow
My questions are;
1) where can i get my pin out ALH build 09/98
2) I am supposed to check while powered up, how, do I have to put a pin through the wire or slide along the wire to the connector ?
3) Where i the cars ECU grounded, in the engine or dash frame.
These are my errors
01282 - Intake Manifold Flap Change-Over Valve (N239): Open/Short to Ground
16764/P0380/000869 - Glow Plug/Heater (Q6) Circuit: Malfunction
01483 - Control Circuit for Rear Lid Remote Unlocking
00953 - Interior Light Time Limit: Unknown Switch Condition
00943 - Heated Exterior Mirror Driver Side (Z4)
0094400944 - Heated Exterior Mirror Passenger Side (Z5)
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