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Engine stall when slowing down

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In recent days, my Jetta 2006 TDI is behaving oddly.
The engine turns off whenever I stop at an intersection or a traffic light.
It has 212 000 Kms. I've always been on time for regular maintenance:
Change engine oil.
Oil filter, diesel filter, air filter.
Changing the transmission chain 110 000 Kms.
Last oil change 1 month ago.
Oil level checked and OK.

Car in stationnary position:
I start the motor, the RPM is stable just below 1000 rpm.
It does not shut down even after several small strokes on the accelerator.
When I accelerate the engine running but with a little noise bumps.
When I press the clutch the little noise disappears and the engine sound is normal.

Car motion:
When I ride I feel the whole car shake.
When I slow down at an intersection or a traffic light, the engine stalls.
After several restarts, it rarely happens that light of the glow plug and oil are flashing, the ASR light and the Check Engine comes on, the RPM stop working and the engine becomes quite normal. The car behaves normally.

Thanks for your help.
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You've got major problems! Take it to your local auto parts store and get it scanned for error codes. I'll bet there are some. It will help you figure out what the problem is. It's possible the fuel is gelling. If you filled up with bad diesel it could not be as good and is clogging the fuel injectors or messing with something. Do a diesel purge flush or add some power service -in the white bottle- and see if it helps. Or maybe you have clutch problems since the noise disappears when you press on the clutch pedal.
Bad fuel? Coolant migration? This will cause electrical problems. Take off the coolant overflow tank sensor plug and see if it's wet. It shouldn't be. If the check engine light comes on, have the engine checked out :) Scan it for error codes and post what you have. That's the first step!
Error codes

I went to a mechanic for error codes.
There are error messages on the temperature sensor of fuel and two error messages for preheating resistors 1 and 3.
Are these messages can cause the engine stall when the vehicle slow down?
He also told me that my clutch system (flywheel system) has to be changed : we can hear a little shaking noise when you release the pedal (no noise when the pedal is pressed.) And a few little clicks when approaching the engine. Do you advise me to use genuine parts or is there a better solution?
The mechanic did not have time to make the job today, so he erased the error messages to see by tomorrow if the messages are repeated and then he can have an idea of the defects. I gotta go back tomorrow.

Does a poor quality diesel fuel can cause problems for engines for several days even after adding an additive to clean the system?

Thank you in advance for your help.
I'm guessing that preheating resistors 1 and 3 are probably the glow plugs. They have nothing to do with how the engine runs. They only affect how it starts.

Fuel temp sensor can cause running problems. It's located on the fuel rail at the cylinder head. I don't believe that it would cause such severe problems though.

It's possible the clutch or flywheel is bad. There was a recall on some early clutches which you can view here: https://www.myturbodiesel.com/d2/images/pdf/vw_tb_30-07-01.pdf

I can't hear it so I can't tell you how bad it is but it's possible that it's causing the running problem. I don't think so because a bad flywheel is most felt at idle. My opinion is that it should smooth out while in motion but it's possible yours is different. Because your mechanic said it had to be changed and the other error codes shouldn't cause such running problems and stalling, it's possible this is the cause of your problem.

I prefer the dual mass flywheel because it's smoother but the cheapest and most reliable way to fix it is to replace the dual mass flywheel with a single mass flywheel and clutch. The OEM flywheel is about $650. Single mass flywheels are much cheaper. Here are some links to single mass flywheel kits. You must change the clutch and flywheel together.




The ASR light could be on if you disconnected the battery and didn't reset it. To reset it, see this link:
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I was having a lot of similar issues with my car, at a much lower mileage. The shut off is no good and such, but when I had my car checked they found massive amounts of carbon in the fuel tank. The injector seals were leaking and the carbon from the tank was clogging the fuel filter and starving the engine. I had the car shake when accelerating or speeding up above 60, and also the intermittent shut off issue with the stop lights, and also while downshifting.

Best of luck!
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