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Engine light

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2010 VW TDI
Just had my 10000 service at 3 months, now have 12000 miles two weeks later.
Today my check engine light came on, called dealer and was told to come in Wed, night. Said fuel cap was probably off????? I fill up every day, so that is not the case.
Still very much concerned, as I use this car for my work, average 175 miles per day, 5 days a week.
I am very happy with the car. I drive 60% highway / 40% city, i am getting 44 MPG at this point.
Thanks for the help!
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fuel cap

The fuel cap does not have to be "off" for the check light to go on - just it being somewhat loose could cause that problem. I always tighten my cap three clicks to be sure.
It could be the O2 sensor recall.

You fill up every day? How come?
I think the loose fuel cap= CEL is just for gas cars but I could be wrong.
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