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I have 2001 jetta tdi and the pan got hit. Oil all out on ground. I pulled #3 rod to see damage, looks pretty good, only minor polish, but can I reuse the rod bolts, they look like tourque and turn bolts with reduced shoulder.:bowdown

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Hello TD "wizards", I'm new here, and probably as "weird and eccentric"
one can get after wrenching (hobby/enthusiast) for 45 years. I've owned
nearly every make but Yugo and Citroen, including some aircraft. Here goes:welcometomyturbodies

I just bought a 2000 Beetle TDI (125k) with oil pan destruction history in
the maintenance records. The engine runs fine but with a annoying
clatter at all RPMS. Drained oil and waved a strong magnet through the
catch bucket, looking for metal...did not find anything. Thought maybe
the bearing shell had not worn down to the base, so I pulled ALL rod
caps and inspected...crankshaft journals looked "new" and inserts were
fine, only checked the lower portion, which SHOULD be indicative of
condition. I'm "on the fence" regarding reusing the rod bolts. I've
always reused TTY rod bolts in the past, but generally replaced tty
head bolts. My logic is this, while turning the bolt to the 90 degree
matchmark, the turning force should not decrease up to the stopping
point. Of course, prior to installing the bolts, a cleaning and inspection
of the bolt, comparing bolts to one another for uniform length, lubing
them, and the install. If during installation, a perceived torque "drop off"
happens, then the bolt has been stretched beyond it's clamping range.
Mercedes gives the rebuilder stretch allowance data on some of their
critical fasteners, i.e. head bolts.
My hunch now is the "clatter" is either an injector problem or a cam
follower/bucket leaking down. I'm definitely fabbing a skid plate for
the car, maybe also replacing the front springs to gain clearance.
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