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engine block heater

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'02 jetta tdi 83k miles new battery synthetic oil hard starting at 10 degrees F. Is this to be expected or should I be shopping for an engine block heater or test glow plugs ?
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Welcome to the forum. welcometomyturbodies

There are a few things you could check for cold starting problems. Heated block heaters have been talked about before on here if you do a search. It appears they are standard fitment in Canada obviously it gets very cold up there.

So it does start but it cranks over for a long time before it does?
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10 degress fairenhiet is cold even in canada. i have a 2002 jetta tdi and live in canada. at 10 F it will start but that is border line for starting. this car has the oil pan heater. it is a 4 inch square heating pad glued to the pan. less than one hour plugged in and voom voom.

i have a 2006 golf now also. it needs a heater. i bought the in line collant heater for this one. i seen that there is a in line heater made specifically for tdi's. i think it was on this site. it looked cool but hard to get here in Canada so i bought a universal one. bit more screwing around to install but way cheaper.
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