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EGR stuck @ 32k

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what causes the egr to get stuck? Should it not be clean diesel axhaust.
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The exhaust gases combine with oil vapour from the turbo and form a black stocky gunge. Inlet manifolds and egr's can get pretty clogged with it which is why a lot of people deactivate the egr.:)
The other choice is to take the camshaft(rocker) cover breather pipe that would normally go into the air intake and either use a oil catch tank or let it go to a filter or just leave it open somewhere down below the engine. You would need to block where the pipe went into the air intake.

Here is a thread with a few different methods and pictures to give u an idea...still vag pd engine.


As mentioned above the egr gasses and hot oil engine fumes do not mix to make a sludge. You still get stuff in your pipes but hopefully not as bad over time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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