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Last week my glow plug light started flashing and I went into limp mode. I have had no problems in almost 19000 miles. I drove directly to the dealership where they told me I had a problem with my EGR valve. The invoice read: Check with computer found fault for EGR system P0403. Test plan found system operating to manufacturer specs. Contact VTA -- instructed to replace EGR valve. The service manager asked me questions about what fuel I've been using (BP) and the mechanic said he cleaned the valve and it looked OK, but they would order a new one to replace it (I had them re flash the DSG while it was there). The car has driven normally in the last week except for two incidents where it idled very roughly at stop lights, but that went away and hasn't occurred again. I called the dealership yesterday and was told the part is back ordered, which is not good as I was planning on taking the Jetta on our Thanksgiving trip and looking forward to getting out on the highway. I'm wondering if anyone else knows anything about this problem.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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