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egr cooler w/no vacuum

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The vacuum actuator on my egr cooler is bad, and has been leaking vacuum, putting my 04 jetta into overboost/limp mode. My question is, with no vacuum on the actuator, is exhaust gas being directed through the cooler or straight to the intake? I did get a peek at a cooler, with no vacuum the flap inside is vertical and open. At first I thought this was pushing gas through the cooler, but now looking at the photos on the how-to-r&r the cooler, it looks to me like that flap open allows the gas to go straight from the input to the output, and if it's closed (horizontal) it forces the gas through the cooler. Anyone know which it is?


Here's a photo of the actuator.


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I don't think they sell it separately. If the arm is broken you can JB weld it or wrap it in something hard to hold it together.
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