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Dual mass flywheel replace or weld

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Anybody out ther got any new ideas to cure Dual mass flywheels inc, weld or solid replacement 1.9 TDI pd AWX eng code. all sugestions welcome.
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go to a solid flywheel, you would have to rebalance it if you weld it. pain in the aaaa and costly. I run a 14lbs, stage 2 setup and it is great. My DMF blew into lots of pieces and damaged my trans case. Check the venders for prices. MJM Autohaus is good.
I wouldn't ever reuse a dual mass flywheel since they can blow up and the welding would through off the weigtht too much. Get a G60 single mass flywheel.
2nd, the 4 cylinder flywheel from a corrado G60 is pretty cheap and reliable. The DMF removes the dampening springs from the clutch so the new clutch is designed to work with a SMF.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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