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dual mass flywheel - help

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Hello all!
I have Golf MK4 engine code AHF-2000 y. and I need to replace clutch disk. Here are pictures of my dual mass flywheel:

It is freewheeling

Do I need to replace dual mass flywheel? Transmission is manual.
Thanks in advance!
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A little bit of movement is normal since it's designed to dampen engine vibration. However, too much is not normal. From your picture, 1 cm looks OK. However, that doesn't mean the damper inside is good, it could also be bad.
Actually, if you resurface a flywheel you should use a grinding stone, not cut it like brake discs since a brake lathe can leave some bumps and ridges. A grinding stone will leave it uniform.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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