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DSG No Drive problem

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Hi guys/gal

Now I don't have a DSG I've been reading a thread on another forum
DSG No Drive

I was doing about 25mph today in my 2009 Mk6 GT 160 with only 3500 miles on the clock, when suddenly I had no drive as though the DSG box was in Neutral. Turning off the engine and restarting seems to have 'cured' it. Anyone else had this problem?
It appears VW don't admit to any faults with the DSG in the UK but they do in the States.

http://www.dsgproblems.co.uk/Volkswagen of America Inc.pdf

I don't if you would like to add this link to the VW DSG (direct shift gear transmission) and Audi S-tronic FAQ (another user posted this link) chitty? ;)
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Thanks! I'll read it over and figure out where to place it in the article.
Added to the DSG FAQ article. The scanned pdf could be useful, thanks for posting it.
No problem I'm glad I can help out with anything useful. I'm not sure which FAQ you have added it to? ;)
I've found another DSG that doesn't drive for very long.

2006 VW Jetta TDI Frustrations
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